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ETC3 Trading Time – LIVE with your host Rich Scott

5:00pm Weekdays
10:00am & Midnight

About the Host – Rich Scott

Trading Time host Rich Scott has worked in radio and television for more than 35 years. He spent most of his career in the Philadelphia area, serving as a News Anchor and Reporter, Sportscaster, Writer and Producer, earning multiple awards for his work, including two Emmys.

In 2002, Rich left his position as News Director of a Philadelphia television station, in search of a simpler life. Having spent time in the Great Smoky Mountains during his tenure at a Charlotte, North Carolina radio station in the 70’s, he and his wife, Pat decided to look for a small business opportunity in the region. After much searching, they purchased a vacation cabin rental business in Copperhill, Tennessee, which they still operate today.

But Rich couldn’t shake the “broadcasting bug.” In 2004 he ended his semi-retirement and began working part time at the Copperhill radio station, reading the obituaries and co-hosting an on-air Swap Shop. It was that experience that led him to develop Trading Time, which premiered on ETC3 in January of 2009.

In his “spare time” Rich compiles the local crime blotter, and writes occasional stories about happenings in the Copper Basin for the Polk County News. As he puts it, “once a newsman, always a newsman!”

Fun Fact: Rich is a “space junkie” and has traveled to Florida several times to witness space shuttle launches.